About Me

My name is Phyllis and I am a fully qualified massage therapist with a passion for massage and have practiced professionally for 14 years. Initially, I qualified at  The Healing Arts Institute of Massage in Sacramento, California.

I have also traveled extensively to further my education and training in massage skills throughout the world including attending numerous workshops with the the world renowned Eric Dalton.

I have also studied with John F. Barnes who is an internationally recognized physical trainer on Myo-facial massage.

I traveled to Nepal, a world renowned center for massage, working with various massage therapist instructors on residential courses over 2 month periods.

In Costa Rica I have attended numerous massage seminars which consist of a full wskeletal theory and soft tissue massage with visiting instructors who are recognized as the leading experts in their specialized area of study and have learned enormously from their hands on instruction.

As a massage therapist, I have worked in almost every capacity. Massage clinics, Massage Spas. I have learned incredible techniques and strategies from each of my experiences. In my 14 years as a massage therapist, I have never stopped learning and growing.